Instant Lotto Game More Betting More Money

Instant Lotto: More Betting More Money

Unlike the typical lotto game, Instant Lotto offers more betting options, which may result to having a bigger bankroll. The only objective of this game is to guess or predict number, number range or color matches. The game follows a specific betting process for it to push through. Here’s a quick look on how betting takes place in this game:

Choose the mode

You need to select if you want to play in the Standard or Advanced mode. The latter has more betting options than the former.

Choose the balls

You must choose the balls to be drawn. Some bets observe a specific number of balls to be drawn. Other bets do not have that and instead, focus on the ball’s color. If you are not so sure about your picks, you can always use the Auto Pick option to do the picking for you.

Confirm your bets

After picking the balls that you prefer, the betting amount is shown unto you. You must confirm the betting amount for the game to push through. Since there are different kinds of betting options offered in this online casino game, the mechanics vary from one wager to another. Here is quick overview of the different bets that you will encounter in this game:

Easy Money

You have to predict the color sequence of the drawn balls.


You must predict 2-12 numbers that will not show-up during the draw.


Here, you need to guess a certain combination for you to win.


Predict four (4) numbers, which you think will appear in the draw.

Even and Odds

This is self-explanatory. All you have to do is guess whether the balls that will appear is even or odd.


You must predict the number range where the total sum of the balls drawn will fall.


This is a bit similar to totals; however, this is more specific.


Here, you must guess the color order or sequence of the balls drawn.

Stripes and solids

This is the same as that of mixer, but instead of colors, you will have to look for stripes and solids.


This is a predetermined combination, which you need to predict.


This betting option is quite the same as totals. However, here, a specific number range is offered and this is where you must choose.


A perm means that you have to select between 1 and 14 numbers. Out of the numbers that you have chosen, you will be asked to determine the permutations that will result from a draw. You can choose singles, doubles, trebles and four-folds. Thus, if you choose 7 numbers, you will be asked to determine if the draw will give a single from 7 selections and so on and so forth.


Hilo means predicting if the next ball that will be drawn is higher or lower than the previous ball drawn.


It doesn’t take a genius to see that this wager means that you have to predict whether 1, 23, 4,5 or 6 colors that will show up on your screen.

The interface

The only problem with this game is that the number of available betting options involved, makes the interface a bit confusing.

Bonus features

Instant Lotto has no bonus features. However, here is the catch: the game also offers sub bets for each major betting option offered.

Hit or miss?

Except for the confusing interface, this game is a definite hit!